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skein n : coils of worsted yarn

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skeyne, escaigne, écagne, probably of Celtic origin



  1. A quantity of yarn, thread, or the like, put up together, after it is taken from the reel. A skein of cotton yarn is formed by eighty turns of the thread round a fifty-four inch reel.
  2. italbrac-colon Wagon Making A metallic strengthening band or thimble on the wooden arm of an axle.
  3. A group of wild fowl, (e.g. geese, goslings) when they are in flight.


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  1. (kvæði) scratch, small wound

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  1. shone, singular past tense form of skína (to shine)

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Skein may refer to:
  • A long coil of yarn or hair intended for weaving, dyeing, or heat setting. Yarn sold in skeins often needs to be re-wound into spools or balls using a swift depending on the application. A skein is not a specific unit of length.
  • The flight of a flock of undomesticated fowl such as wild mallards or wild geese
  • Skein relation, a mathematical concept often used to give a simple definition of knot polynomials
  • A winning streak in sports

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